About-Jehangir  Gulabbhai & Bilimoria & Daruwalla is an Intellectual Property and civil litigation firm widely known for its expertise and experience in handling a wide variety of Intellectual Property and civil law matters. The firm primarily specializes in all matters related to Intellectual Property Law including Trade Marks, Patents, Designs, Copyrights, Trade Secrets, Confidential Information, Technical Know-How’, Food Safety & Standards, Advocates & Solicitors In Mumbai, India Legal Metrology and conducting Criminal Prosecutions in respect of Trade Mark and Copyright matters.

The firm also handles matters relating to General Practice and Litigation, Arbitration and Conciliation, Corporate Law, Consumer Protection and Restrictive Trade Practices, Succession Law, Specific Performance of Contracts, and Conveyancing amongst others.

Over years of professional practice and accumulation of a diverse corporate and private client-base, the firm has acquired an excellent reputation and has carved a niche for itself amongst clients, both across India and abroad. The firm is based in the bustling legal hub of the Fort area of Mumbai.


M/s. Jehangir Gulabbhai & Bilimoria was established in the year 1900 by three reputed solicitors – Mr. Jehangir Vimadalal, a solicitor, theosophist and scholar of English and Persian languages; Mr. Gulabbhai Desai; and Mr. Kawasji Bilimoria, a renowned scholar and mathematician. The partners of the firm were also Trustees & Solicitors of reputed Public and Private Charitable Trusts including Hospitals.

Mr. TehemtanDaruwalla a Solicitor and Advocate, formerly with M/s. Crawford Bayley & Co. established his reputation as lawyer in the field of Trade Marks, Copyrights, Patents, Designs and went on to open his own firm in the year 1969 known as M/s. Daruwalla and Co.

In 1974, M/s.Daruwalla and Co. merged with M/s. Jehangir Gulabbhai & Bilimoria and the firm was renamed M/s. Jehangir Gulabbhai & Bilimoria & Daruwalla. It was at this stage that the merged firm entered into the field of Intellectual Property Laws of almost every variety, as well as criminal litigation with respect to Trade Marks & Copyrights. General litigation, conveyancing, testamentary matters remained part of the firm’s repute.



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