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TradeMarks Services

We provide trade mark prosecution services including conducting searches for proposed trade marks, filing applications with the Trade Mark Registry

Copyrights Services

We provide services including filling of application for registration of copyright with the registrar of Copyrights, dealing with the objections of the Registrar.

Patents Services

We provide services including drafting and filing patent applications in India and foreign patent offices; drafting responses to examination reports/office.

Designs Services

We provide various services in Designs including: Filing of application for registration of design, Dealing with the objections raised by the Registrar .

IP Related Services

We assist, advise and represent our clients in matters pertaining to the drafting of Non-Disclosure/Non-Compete Agreements, Litigation dealing with.

General Practice

The firm also handles matters relating to General Practice and Litigation including Conveyancing, Testamentary, Probate and Intestate matters.

Geographical Indications Services

We provide geographical indication prosecution services including: Conducting search for availability of GI for registration. Advising clients regarding the registrability

Trade Secrets / Confidential Information Services

We provide wide range of services including: Advising and assisting clients in forming policies for protection against loss of trade secrets / proprietary.

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